Root Scaling and Planing

A root scaling and planing procedure, gingivitis can be conveniently resolved.

Gingivitis is a serious disease that can result in detrimental consequences if left untreated. It can result in significant deterioration of the teeth and gums. The right treatment can be provided at the office of Dr. Robert Pauley, Jr., who specializes in scaling and root planing procedures in Atlanta.

This condition can result from the buildup of plaque and tartar in your mouth. When these remain in a stale environment and are not treated effectively, bacteria can grow and quickly multiply. An excessive amount of bacteria can cause the gums to be irritated and inflamed. A prominent result of inflammation is bleeding of the gums.

Routine dental care continually evaluates your oral health history and can, at times, find early warnings of other health conditions.

Gingivitis treatment can restore good oral health

Through a root scaling and planing procedure, gingivitis can be conveniently resolved. The teeth will be polished and cleaned to eliminate any traces of plaque. Tartar is also removed from the surface during the scaling process. Root planing is different in that the surfaces are smoothed over and infected tissue is removed.

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