General Dentistry

Excellent Dental health requires scheduling regular dental visits!

Our office is home to the most committed and experienced general dentist in the Atlanta area. Dr. Pauley offers his expertise to help patients maintain a healthy dental hygiene. One of the most consistent and recommended practices in sustaining a healthy smile is scheduling regular dental visits.

A routine visit consists of an evaluation of your oral health history as well as a screening to detect any problems or concerns.

Regular care to avoid long term issues

A professional cleaning will be provided to remove any plaque or cavities that cannot be noticeable at home. The teeth will also be polished and shaped to provide a cosmetic improvement. If there is any decay, we will provide a treatment plan before it endangers your health.

Scheduling regular dental visits are essential to your health, we recommend at least two visits per year. Frequent visits allow Dr. Pauley to evaluate your oral health consistently and understand your specific dental conditions, paving the way for personalized treatments.

Call today to schedule your next dental appointment!

Resources to help you make the best choices for your health

A dental visit can help you be an informed patient as well. Our office is filled with resources that will help you understand dental care and make the best choices for your health. With our team's guiding hand, we can help you enjoy a healthy smile for a lifetime.

Leave your worries at the door and enjoy better dental health and a brighter smile!

Our team of dental care professionals utilizes the latest in dental techniques and equipment to provide you with the excellent care for your teeth, gums and dental appliances. Our friendly staff will make you feel at home and at ease!


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